Cruvinet is celebrating 45 years of being in business. Contact us for great pricing on all Cruvinet Wine Preserving and Dispensing Systems in satin stainless and wood units.

All Cruvinet Preservation Systems are plug in ready, comes with a 5 year warranty (Call us for warranty details), user/installer friendly, and built to last over 30 years. Our Cruvinet Wine Preserving and Temperature Control Dispensing Systems will help increase your sales, eliminate your shrink, and offer every customer a great glass of wine.

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Cruvinet Winebar Systems

Plus Versatility

Cruvinet Dispencing Systems

Tested to NSF/ANSI 18 and UL 471 by Intertek for stainless steel,( wood not included), by Intertek.

Night and the City

Press Release – Reserve Home to One of the World's Largest Cruvinet Wine Systems

..."This intricate wine preservation system extends the life of wine exponentially, giving Reserve the liberty to offer a wider range of varietals and price points," says Peter Marantette, General Manager. "We can now pour a bottle that other restaurants wouldn't dream of opening, for fear that they wouldn't sell it before the wine turned."...

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What is the Cruvinet System?

A Cruvinet temperature controlled wine perseveration and dispensing system keeps wines as fresh as the moment they are uncorked for up to six weeks, eliminating spoilage and waste. This system has revolutionized wine-by-the-glass sales and made wine bars possible.

The Cruvinet wine dispenser is the original wine preserving and dispensing system, used widely by international wine experts for effectively preserving, dispensing and merchandising fine varietal wines by the glass.

All of our units are handmade and built to last. Units are Plug-in ready and easy to maintain. You can have a Cruvinet system with 4 faucets or up to 120 faucets.

We have many options that you may wish to purchase in addition to your Cruvinet wine dispenser system such as Stainless Steel faucets that last over 20 years and are very easy to clean.

Cruvinet wine celar

Wine Cellars

Cruvinet's finest commercial Wine Cellars for elegant display and storage of fine wines at their proper storage and serving temperatures are presented by the Cavinet Wine Cellars and the top of the line Sommelier Wine Storage Systems with its showcase lighting and mirrored stainless steel interior.

Guinness book of records - logo

Cruvinet Winebar is Guinness World Record Holder: Recognized for the largest winekeeper which is a custom built unit at the Ristorante Panorama and has 120 usable taps each of which is connected to a different bottle of wine. Officially examined and measured January 19th 2010 ... read more about Cruvinet and Ristorante Panorama.

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