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Why should I buy a Cruvinet system?
Cruvinet is the wine preserving and dispensing system used widely by international wine experts for preserving, dispensing and merchandising wine by the glass. Cruvinet uses more effective, less expensive nitrogen for preserving wine instead of argon gas as some units use.

All of our units are hand crafted, plug-in ready and are built to last.
How long have you been in business? since 1978
Cruvinet has a well deserved reputation for unmatched excellence in equipment and service.

Cruvinet is dedication to continually surpassing it's already high standards.
How long does wine last in a Cruvinet system? 6-8 weeks!
The revolutionary Cruvinet system allows you to regularly open your fine wines knowing you'll enjoy every drop. This amazing system maintains freshness and full flavor much longer than argon units that are unable to control flavor more than 2 weeks.

Imagine the savings by eliminating spoilage!
Does Nitrogen change the taste of wine? No
Nitrogen is an odorless, tasteless, virtually non-reacting gas that makes up 78% of our atmosphere. In our system, we use nitrogen to displace moisture containing air, creating a seal of nitrogen that prevents oxidation and protects your favorite wine from turning.

Be confident that each glass is at its best; every time!
How long does it take for the nitrogen to enter the wine bottle?
About 5 to 10 seconds depending on what size of unit you have.

Freshness is locked in almost immediately.
What temperature should I keep the red/white wine at?
Generally, temperatures of 60°F for reds and 45°F for whites are advised. Our panel mounted, remote reading thermometer and thermostat allows you to control the wine's environment precisely.

Le Grand Cruvinet's electronically controlled refrigeration system allows a full range of temperatures for red and whites as recommended by international experts.
Do you offer smaller units for home/office use? Yes!
We offer stylish and compact 4 bottle Ultra Cruvinet, and 2 bottle Le Petit Cruvinet units.
What type of warranty do you offer?
Cruvinet Winebar LLC offers a 5 years parts and labor warranty.
Do I need to purchase a unit for all red or white wine? No
You may purchase a unit for all red, all white, or half and half. We offer 6, 8, 12, 32, and 64-bottle combinations. Movable dividers allows flexibility in the number of white and red wines offered.

We create custom combinations offering from 4 faucets to 120 faucets. Order attractive sales stimulating cabinets in many finishes including: solid brass, stainless steel, or solid oak, walnut or mahogany.
What about security?
Locking security device options are available.
Where would I get the N2 for my Cruvinet System from?
For smaller units, use a supplier close to you which you can find in the phone book or through a Google search. Choose a cylinder size that works with the space available in your restaurant / bar.

Our optional Nitrogen Generator kit is fully automatic and provides free N2 for life, which eliminates heavy, bulky, high pressure cylinders.
Do you install the Cruvinet? No need!
Cruvinet units are installer friendly and "plug-in ready" for use.

We offer the Mobile Cruvinet for users desiring total flexibility. This unit's easy mobility makes it perfect for hotel lobby bars and meeting facilities.
What is the voltage of the Cruvinet units?
They are energy efficient; using 110 volts with less than a 5 AMP draw. 220 volt units are available.
What kind of maintenance should I perform on my unit?
Cruvinet requires little maintenance due to its automatic self-defrosting and evaporation components. Once a month, we recommend cleaning the siphon tubes to the wine bottles with our line cleaner solution. This takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

We recommend optional stainless steel faucets. They are very easy to clean and last over 20 years.
Are parts easily replaceable? Yes
All Cruvinet parts are easily and quickly replaceable by calling our parts department.
How long does it take to build a unit?
Most units can be built in 8 to 10 weeks.
How much money is required down to purchase a Cruvinet System?
We require a 50% deposit with final payment prior to shipping. Financing and leasing are available.
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